IMCA - Change in Concept of Operation of the CMID System

    IMCA Information Note M 07/16 which outlines the Change in Concept of Operation of the CMID System. It is important to note the changes to the IMCA CMID Concept, which will be required prior to January 2018;
    • Vessel owners / operators who require CMID inspections thereafter will have to register and input vessel details into the e-CMID database
    • IMCA will only recognise CMID reports conducted using the e-CMID database
    • Only validated AVIs (Accredited Vessel Inspectors) will be able to access the e-CMID database and thereby conduct authorised inspections
    This is already in force to a large extent as the latest version of the CMID document (version 9) is only available using the e-CMID database and the reports should be completed by AVI registered inspector. Version 9 of the CMID also includes 16 additional vessel specific sections that can be selected. These are; Supplement 1 – Dynamic Positioning (DP) Vessels Supplement 2 – Anchor Handling Vessels (AHVs) Supplement 3 – Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs) Supplement 4 – LNG OSVs Supplement 5 – Standby Vessels (SBVs) (Emergency Response Rescue Vessels (ERRV) Supplement 6 – Survey Vessels (including Offshore Seismic Survey) Supplement 7 – Diving Support Vessels Supplement 8 – Pipe Lay and Cable Lay Vessels Supplement 9 – Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) Supplement 10 – Helicopter Operations Supplement 11 – Accommodation Vessels Supplement 12 – Jack-up Vessels Supplement 13 – Heavy Lift Vessels Supplement 14 – Oil Recovery Vessels Supplement 15 – Barges (Non-self-propelled) Supplement 16 – Gravel Discharge, Dredgers and Trenching We would also like to let you know that we have 4 AVIs who are already registered on the e-CMID database (and have started completing audits and reports under this new regime). These are our in-house personnel with extensive experience in vessel audits, including IMCA CMID audits, and are based here in Singapore. They are;
    • Joey Fisher (AVI No: 00189)
    • Alex Brabin (AVI No: 00113)
    • Mick Mahon (AVI No: 00123)
    • Serafin Jarvina (AVI No: 00169)
    We hope this update has been useful and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any further information or our services. [gallery link="file" ids="2200"]