Emilie Teo on Nautical & Nice

    Catch Emilie (Our intern to Junior Offshore Broker now) on Nautical & Nice as she shares her views on her choice of maritime career! It's out today in the TODAY paper, and in this week's issue of 8 days. Emilie Teo (BSc) is a graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree Maritime Business and Maritime Law from Plymouth University under an SMF scholarship, sponsored by M3. Having interned at M3 as partial fulfillment of her Diploma in Maritime Business in Singapore Polytechnic, she has learned the different facets of the offshore marine industry and also gain wider knowledge in this field. Upon completing her degree, she has re-joined M3 Marine as a Junior Broker and endeavor to be a valued member to the M3 team. She is an eager learner and possess positive attitude in her work. http://www.smf.com.sg/ebooks/nautical-nice/index.html# [gallery link="file" ids="1676,1677,1678,1679"]