Meet our new interns - Syazwan & Tian Poh

    We've got new interns - meet Syazwan & Tian Poh! Syazwan is currently pursuing a Diploma in Maritime Business at Singapore Polytechnic. His curiosity from young regarding the sea has led to his interest in the Maritime Industry. He hopes to increase his exposure to the Marine and Offshore sectors. He is eager to learn as much as he can while serving his internship in M3 and he is looking to forward to put what he learns to good use for the company as well as for his future. Ong Tian Poh is currently pursuing a Diploma in Maritime business at Singapore Polytechnic and has joined M3 Marine as an intern. He aims to use this opportunity to experience the various aspects of the marine industry as well as gain work skills within the company. [gallery ids="671,667"]